An integrated solution has to look at a project as a whole.

Integrated solutions look at the big picture. We know that good project design, quality equipments, engineering to maximize yield and sharp monitoring can be differentiators to any PV system. We have a project portfolio with a solid production track record, that proves our approach to every new project. We work with high attention to details and always try to find the best solution for each rooftop, building or land plot, with a focus on maximizing our client investments.

Decentralized production of photovoltaic energy

1. First Contact

Collection and analysis of data for characterization of the consumption profile, evaluation of the installation site.

2. Engineering and Project

Analysis, study and design of the best technical solution for each concrete case to maximize energy production.

3. Licensing

Contact with the competent entities for the registrations and licenses of the production units.

4. Supply, Construction and Commissioning

Turnkey installation of all equipment complying with all legal and safety requirements.

5. Performance, Operation, and Maintenance

Accompaniment, study and design of the best technical solution for each concrete case.

6. Financial Models

Investment Options:
– Own capitals
– Credit
– Third Party Investment
– ESCO / PPA model