RESUL is a 100% Portuguese private capital firm with its main clients in the eletric and water utilities area of the energy sector. RESUL defines itself as an intelligent and creative company engaged in studying, designing, developing, producing and proposing solutions in equipment supply for energy distribution networks (electrical and gas), public lighting systems, smart grids, water distribution networks, solutions related to renewable energies.





Our Projects

The professionalism and detail of our projects is mirrored by the energy production results of each installation. Maximize our client’s investments is always in our mind, when analyzing consumptions, designing the system and building each solar plant. With system installations on various types of rooftops or terrains, adapting various structures, each project is designed and installed to exceed expectations.


Montijo, Portugal


Production Regime

Self-consumption unit

Installation Type

Industrial Coverage

Nominal Power

750 kVA

Peak Power

999,90 kWp

Average annual production

150 MWh

Avoided CO2 emissions

450 ton/ano

Energy Production

An integrated solution has to look at a project as a whole.

Integrated solutions look at the big picture. We know that good project design, quality equipments, engineering to maximize yield and sharp monitoring can be differentiators to any PV system. We have a project portfolio with a solid production track record, that proves our approach to every new project. We work with high attention to details and always try to find the best solution for each rooftop, building or land plot, with a focus on maximizing our client investments.


Decentralized Production

1. First Contact

Collection and analysis of data for characterization of the consumption profile, evaluation of the installation site.

2. Engineering and Project

Analysis, study and design of the best technical solution for each concrete case to maximize energy production.

3. Licensing

Contact with the competent entities for the registrations and licenses of the production units.

4. Supply, Construction and Commissioning

Turnkey installation of all equipment complying with all legal and safety requirements.

5. Performance, Operation, and Maintenance

Accompaniment, study and design of the best technical solution for each concrete case.

6. Financial Models

Investment Options: – Own capitals – Credit – Third Party Investment – ESCO / PPA model

Project Development


1. Due Diligence

A planning phase to ensure a smooth construction process, which generally includes: A physical evaluation of the proposed site Legal review of title reports and other records Determination of where the system will hook into the power grid


2. Engineering and Design

This phase is all about the details. Initial concepts and plans are formalized as design drawings, and then permit drawings are submitted to secure the appropriate approvals. After getting the green light, the drawings are considered final and construction can begin.


3. Construction and Commissioning

Construction usually lasts 5-12 weeks, but could take longer for more complex projects. Any disruptions to your daily operations can be minimized with a well-thought-out project plan. Once the utility confirms that your solar installation was built according to plan and operates within acceptable parameters, it will grant permission to operate (PTO).


4. Operation and maintenance

In this final step, the O&M decisions made during the planning phase are put into action. A solid O&M plan will help ensure a long lifetime and optimal performance for your system.


Operation and Maintenance

We want to maximize the performance of your assets.

Preventive and corrective maintenance services
Full Asset Management Service
Specialized cleaning service for modules and terrain
Repowering of assets and replacement studies
Multi-technological and non-intrusive systems
Cost-benefit analysis for technical improvements
General electromechanical and civil service
Post-construction monitoring
Central Monitoring & Supervision (24h)

Our Team

The energy services department is part of RESUL Equipamentos de Energia S.A., with a dedicated and experienced team that has several years of experience in the renewables sector. These professionals gather all the competences  to design, build and operate the best possible solutions. 


Carlos Torres

Chairman of the Board


Francisco Ramos Pinto

Head of Department


João Bento

Head of Operations & Engineering


Carla Campos

Head of Legal


André Monteiro



Filipe Vale

O&M and Post Sales


Pedro Leiria

Sales Engineer




Rua D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, Bloco 3 2695-167 Bobadela – Portugal


(+351) 218 394 980


(+351) 218 394 981

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